Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring Ephemerals

I took my botany class to Core Arboretum to see the spring ephemerals today. It didn't rain on the ride there and it didn't rain on the way back (and it didn't rain at all here while we were there). This is an improvement over my invert trip to Pittsburgh on which is did not rain for the first hour of the van ride, rained consistently and hard for the next 9 hours and did not rain on the last hour on the way home. The students partially blame me for the rain (along with the steepness of the hill and the lack of bathrooms at the arboretum).

While I did not get a good photo of the trillium, and the trout lilies had disappeared since Saturday, I did capture at least a glimpse of how stunning the spring understory is.


Sparkling Squirrel said...

Photos were taken just before the downpour. Like many of my students, I had brought a rain coat and, like many of my students, I left it in the van, which I was nowhere near when the hard rains came