Sunday, April 15, 2007

News from Jennifer


Love the new layout - whose handywork is this? I haven't posted much lately and thought it would be nice to do an update.

1) I have two job interviews coming up - both are for visiting professor positions. Both are at small liberal arts schools (I am not trying to be mysterious, but should I mention the names here, would it be unprofessional if someone were to google me and tracked me to this website). I am flying out on Tuesday for the first one (in Ohio). Hopefully I have a better time of it than Erin did.

It's interesting, for both of these positions I have to give a teaching presentation, not a research presentation. For one I am lecturing on Hardy-Weinberg (thankfully - I have lectured on this before and really like this material). For the other - I think it will be flatworms. Maybe Cnidarians, but flatworms are grosser and for some reason I really like the gross out factor.

2) I also have another good job prospect - a two year visiting professor of PLANT ECOLOGY position in the KC area. I really hope to get an interview for this position.

3) Some of my lettuce and spinach seedlings apparently survived the frost.

4) I got a haircut yesterday and my hair is very, very short. Maybe I'll post a picture later in the week.

5) This morning (like at 5 am) Lily was running around wildly in the bedroom and knocked over our full-length mirror. Luckily she was not hurt and mirror only has a small crack in it. I would not have been happy about cleaning up shattered mirror glass at 5 am.

Lily says hi.

6) The weather is FINALLY warming up around here.


Beth said...

ok - the layout was me - i changed it by mistake and couldn't get it back. :-)

good luck on the job talks and interviews!

post a picture of the hair please :-)

Jennifer said...

Well I like the new layout.

Tucson Trekker said...

Sounds like you have several good prospects. Good luck and let us know how it goes! (Do show us the haircut...)

Irene said...

Good luck with your interviews! I agree with Anna and Beth, I want to see a picture of the new haircut!

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Hi Lily!

Cathy said...

I've seen the haircut and it is FABULOUS.