Monday, March 11, 2013

Postdoc plans

Hey all, I know I've been very bad about keeping touch lately. Some of that has been because I have been at a loss as to what to say. I finished my degree in August, but nothing much has happened since then as I've waited to hear on the things I've applied for and I've been a bit discouraged. However, at the end of last week I finally got some good news. I was awarded two years of postdoctoral funding from NSF to work on a project in Germany. I will be at the University of Heidelberg (I can't wait until I know how to spell that so I can stop looking it up every time I type it). The funding is for two years and it looks like I will be starting in late June. I'm still in excited mode about this (which will soon turn into a panic as I deal with all the details including moving to another country for a significant amount of time). Many of you heard about this on facebook, but I wanted to make sure that I updated everyone on my status since I've been so out of touch recently. Anyway, I'm open to advice from anyone who has lived abroad, and particularly in Europe (I lived 3 months in Japan and 3 months in Korea so I have some idea, but still, this is much longer).

 I hope all is well you you guys!