Monday, August 25, 2008


Unaware that Sal Sis had the same inclination, I thought it was high time for a post. Someone in the marketing department here must be up to some good, because I'm really surprised that my college is being mentioned by name in the trayless dining phenom.

10 days since a blog & Haiti update

Since it's been 10 days & Maddy is better, I thought I'd post. I'm going back to Haiti in February! And bringing 3 - 6 people with me! I'll focus on teaching some residents about birding and get them started on a ecotourism business, and the other people may help with improving the rain collection setup that waters a garden that feeds kids in the town. I am selling cards with my Haiti pictures on them to raise money for bird books and binoculars (see former post, let me know if you want any!). Also I am going to take Heifer International workshop at their ranch near Little Rock. And Nadine my scooter has surpassed 300 miles, with only 2 people inappropriately passing me, and one person pulling out in front of me (I was able to stop in time since I expect people to not see me, though the 2 passers sure surprised me).

Friday, August 15, 2008

bunny vibes

Would you send healthy thoughts in the direction of our rabbits? Our normally spunky, exuberant (i.e. somewhat bratty) Maddy is ill, and her bunny partner in life and crime is consequently a bit distressed.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A River in North Africa

There's lots of summer left. I will still somehow submit papers for publication, go to the dentist, go to the eye doctor; make a grand research plan; re-do my syllabi, hang a clothesline; install a ceiling fan and write lots of personal letters before school starts, even though I officially started back at work this morning. Yep, plenty of time to do things this summer. And my cat has fruit flies. And denial is de river in Egypt.