Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Deans in pjs

Thought I would update you on my new teaching job.

  1. The dean of my dept. lives in the same place as me - we've seen each other in pjs (and politely hurriedly passed each other in the hallway).
  2. When I used a projector for teaching they had to turn on power to the entire building.
  3. I can't tell what are the first and what are the last names of my students.
  4. I can get dressed 15 minutes before class and run downstairs to teach.
  5. At graduation many Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston songs were played.
  6. I have to work with a fan sitting 1 ft away from my face (and sleep with 2 at night).
  7. There seems to be only one chalk board eraser for the entire floor of classrooms.
  8. Students wander in 40 minutes late.
  9. They physically ousted the former academic dean a couple years ago (so I will be careful to not make too many waves).
  10. I have difficulty understanding what they are saying.
  11. Five thought ecology is the study of ground bark (and 2 changed their answer from the environment to ground bark).
  12. They actually remembered what I taught them last week!