Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekly fitness update

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well.
How are your fitness goals coming? Did you make your goals for last week?

I'm behind with posting my own GBK fitness challenge updates, and will now post a full update in order to alleviate my guilt:
In general having a pedometer has helped me to realize how I am most active. On days that I teach it is easy to meet my step goals, but I now know just how sedentary I am on other days (sigh). On days I walk less I try to ride my bike more, but this week I had trouble meeting my daily goals early in the week due to rainy weather that kept me off my bike. I did some canoeing this weekend and so felt a bit better about the week after that. This coming week, inspired by SpSq, I'd like to add some daily crunches. I'd also like to find a way to compare the distance I travel on my bike to numbers of steps--does anyone have any suggestions?


Sally's sister said...

I cut my heel pretty badly Sat. afternoon, so I'm out of commission for anything requiring feet. I'm hobbling around which is making my calf hurt and my upper back and neck tight! The amount of blood dripping out was amazing. I have confidence in Sp.Sq. that she would have saved me.

Molly said...

How did you cut your heel SS? I have been feeling kind of depressed lately, but I must say that having a dog makes it easy to be committed to the two walks a day goal. I haven't done anything else, though. Does anyone have any advice on ways to feel better that don't involve food (some kind of quick pick-me-up)? Especially something while at work?

Sparkling Squirrel said...

I made my step goal-- I was behind as of Sat. night and didn't have a big walking day planned Sunday, but really pushed it so that I could make it for Jenny. Somehow fear of Jenny did not make me make my crunch goal. But Jenny and I are both afraid of Anna, next week's harasser, so we will do them. Now.

SalSis- Of course I would have saved you, fresh blood doesn't smell bad. How did you hurt yourself? And how are you healing? Big hugs.

Molly- the power of skipping is amazing. You have to be willing to skip. But it is very very hard to be too down while skipping (it is hard to do anything while skipping) or twirling, or doing a jig or anything rythmic and bouncy and exhausting.

My mid-afternoon exhaustion is often the result of dehydration and I really do feel better when I've had more water. Strong mints or ginger tea help some.

Eating lunch and breakfast with protein supposedly really helps with later crashes.

There's been a lot of research on music affecting mood. If you have a job where you can listen to music, do. One of my friends in a repetitive job would have mid-afternoon Erasure every afternoon at 3. Something to look forward to and something to get her moving when she felt least like it. One roommate would come home exhausted and if she had to get moving rather than collapsing, would put on the same silly song (Spin Doctors, 3 Princes, it was 1993) belt it out and then get on with what she needed to do. The transformation of her mood was amazing.

Sally's sister said...

My sliding door has a 1-in. triangle of sheared metal near the bottom - I've seen it before and thought it looked dangerous. I'm glad the animals didn't get hurt on it - a 1 inch gash on tiny Rusty leg would have sent me in a tissey to get him to the vet.

Dogs save the day when it comes to exercise and being down! Except when they bite people.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Stanford Freshman (which are doing their own variation of the GBKFC) count 2000 steps for every 20 minutes of biking or 12 minutes of swimming (effectively putting biking at walking moderately and swimming at jogging fast)

Beth said...

So I've discovered that I can get my goal of 7000 steps when I walk to the far bus stop and when I'm at work. On weekends I really seem to be dropping the ball. I want to have more steps but I figure I should get 7000 consitantly first. I think the other problem is many of my steps are up stairs and those dn't alwsy register correctly. But I lost 2 lbs this week (or at least I'm 2 less than I was the day I was feeling bloated and got on the scale to prove my point)... :-)

Molly said...

Thanks, sp sq... I haven't tried the skipping yet but may very well when I walk Lucy tonight. I lucked out on having the office to myself today, and have been listening to iTunes. It does seem to be helping.

Sally's sister said...

Did you post a picture of Lucky yet? Why do moods swings happen?

Jenny said...

SpSq, thanks for the conversion. I'm also glad to have the suggestions for mood lifters. Sometimes I start feeling down mid-afternoon and it is hard to recover the rest of the day.

Erin said...

Favorite mood lifter - headstand or handstand (against the wall). Also helps with headaches, congestion, balance, and upperbody strength. But don't attempt while wearing a skirt!