Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gratitude Box for Oct. 4

1. Anne, the woman I teach labs with, brought me chocolate chip cookies today. Yummmm.

2. Our lab room was full of students today, working independently (i.e. without me telling them what to do) on their group projects.

3. Student's carrying array of sunflowers down the hall. They are testing the effect of floral display on visitation rates. Even more gratifying, their first day's results meet with what we expected.

4. That Sparkling Squirrel has so many great ideas that facilitates our discussions on this blog.


Sally's sister said...

My gratitude is that tomorrow I go in the field. The Kansas R. is beautiful, I can't believe it's not used more for recreation. You can pretend you're on the amazon when you're on it. I'd post a picture but don't know how to in the comments.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Jennifer, you'll have to explain your visitation rates project at some point.

My joy of the day is "Betsy's Blob". It is a large (6 inch by 4 inch) clear gelatinous mass found in a nearby lake. I had absolutely no clue when the student brought it in.

But I am joyful because all of my independent research students think that it is way cool AND the student who brought it in managed to figure out that it is a clonal bryozoa, which is cool both in that I've never seen such a thing and my student figured it out.

Jennifer said...

Whoa - a clonal Bryozoa. How cool.
I have never seen one either.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Betsy's Blob was photographed and she was interviewed today, which made my day (although we couldn't seem to convince the photographer/interviewer that, although we think it is cool, apparently they are not uncommon, and we're not sure why they are newsworthy. He also was persistent in trying to figure out if it had a "purpose." "Eat, reproduce and die, same as every other animal" didn't seem to do it for him.

Beth said...

awesome - can you email me a picture of the bryozoan - that's awesome.

My gratitude is that it's friday and that I can sleep in tomorrow. And that it's great to still keep in touch with everyone even thought many of us have moved away.

((hugs)) to all

Erin said...

I remember the first time I saw one of those blobs in Oregon. It was like finding an alien. What an exciting "discovery" for your student.