Monday, October 29, 2007

Challenging End and Beginning

The first GBK Fitness Challenge ended yesterday. Report on your progress in the comments. If I owe you a prize, tell me what you've earned and I'll see what I can do.

The new, improved, for real for real, fitness challenge begins today (because, as we sadly learned from the Rockies, those with momentum need to keep it). If you're in, set your goals for the next six week, send TT five dollars and keep moving.

Look out other non-profits because America's Second Harvest or the Heifer Project or Oxfam is getting our money when I make my goals every week. [That was supposed to be first day of challenge trash talk, but it's really hard when I want everyone to succeed and I want all of these organizations to receive our money.]


Sparkling Squirrel said...

I met my ambitious step goal (77,000 steps a week)every week for the first 6, then the clip on my pedometer broke, I got stuffed up, and the last two weeks I have been way down in steps. One week I managed crunches twice.

Tucson Trekker said...

I've been sick for over a week now. Just an annoying, dragging-out cold. I overdid it gardening Thursday and got worse again, so I've been taking it easy. My daily goal was pretty high (10,000) and I found that this goal made me stretch every day to get it. I never really set a weekly goal. Should I lower my daily goal and set a higher weekly goal?

Tucson Trekker said...

That is, set a weekly goal at all?

Sparkling Squirrel said...

TT- you know what motivates you. I had a lower daily minimum (7,000 steps) but a high weekly goal which was consistent with my aims of moving every day and doing some serious exercise some time during the week. That way I was not a failure if I only did a moderate number of steps any given day, but was not off the hook for the week.

For most of us just having a daily goal is too easy to say "didn't meet it" and forget about it. But if you have weekly and 6 or 8 week goals you still have reasons (and opportunity) to make up what you didn't do.

Sally's sister said...

I walked the dogs even though I was sick Mon. & Tues (horrible headache - maybe from being pummeled by a lab mix on Sunday)!