Monday, October 8, 2007

Mossy Oak Cammo Day is Making My Day

. . . and its not until tomorrow!

So, its homecoming week at the place where I work. The theme this year is "The Year of The Greek Games", so today, "Luau Day," there are going to be chariot races in the tennis courts (No, I can't explain the connection, I do not get it at all). Tomorrow is "Mossy Oak Cammo Day". Where else could you show your school spirit by wearing a specific type of cammo for homecoming?

My list of joys also includes a new routine of the Mister's. While hiking with the Mister in the mountains this weekend, he started bopping me over the head (officially clubbing me) every time he sees a club moss. While it has the potential of great annoyance (like poking me every time we see a poke plant), it makes me so very very happy to have a goofy person to spend time with who notices things like the club moss. And there was lots and lots of club moss (locally "ground pine") which makes me happy even if I didn't have someone cool to share it with.

Is there a Mossy Oak Cammo Day where you are at?


Jennifer said...

Mossy Oak Cammo Day - awesome. But it does raise the question - do they make non-mossy oak cammo? What about maple cammo - does it come in both mossy and non-mossy?

Kudos to the Mister for paying attention to plants. I haven't gotten mine interested yet.

So far, I am looking for things that I am thankful for. This has been a crappy day as I have handed back tests on which the students did very poorly. And it made me ridiculously nervous. I was shaking as I passed them out. Talk about disliking a traitorous body.

Sally's sister said...

Non-mossy oak would be the real-tree or the reed-type camos! Of course! Sounds like the west virginians would get along well with the nebraskans. Check out cabelas and see all the choices!

I saw a blob a couple weeks ago - where I house sat, the woman had collected one and put it in an aquarium. My 1st exposure to one, and now it's in the news! Lisa's blob link didn't work for me.

Tucson Trekker said...

What is a cammo?

Tucson Trekker said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day, Jennifer. Coincidentally, Nate had the same test handing back thing today and one of his students argued aggressively about one of the answers. I hope you found something good about the day.

Tucson Trekker said...

Even though it was not much fun to be at the dentist's for 3 hours today, I am thankful for my dentist. She is very careful in her work, easy to relate to, and very competent. She also happens to be black and I love having a black woman dentist.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Jennifer- I hope your day did improve. Big hug.

TT- cammo is short for camouflage. Mossy Oak is a particularly pattern (probably trademarked) with what are clealy oak leaves (white oak group) on it.

Ranger Stephen (my ex) was entranced by it and very upset that all of these "leaf print shirts" were for hunting (although of course cabelas sells mossy oak baby blankets now as well, so you can lose your baby in the forest).

Jennifer said...

Lose you baby in the forest - ha ha ha.

My day yesterday did get better, thanks for the internet hugs. Steve and I went to play catch, which was really fun. Then I got him to dance listening to Dean Martin sing "Sway" (we saw a commercial, maybe for Kohls, in which they featured someone else singing "Sway", but no one does it as good as Dean). And we enjoyed time together watching "Chuck".

Sally's sister said...

Chuck reminded me of Journeyman - has anyone seen it? It's like the Time Travelers Wife, except he has a mission each time he goes back - like Quantum Leap, but he lives in the present day and his wife and other don't believe him (his wife does now) - BUT - his fiance supposedly died and he's running into her in the past - a present her who is also traveling! It messes with my mind - being happily married and along comes the supposedly dead fiance.

Tucson Trekker said...

Whoa! Even your email sets my head spinning!