Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Don't Mind at All :)

I don't mind one bit - it is happy news after all :) Yep, it is SOOOO nice to have it done and overwith, I got to sleep in this morning and take it easy. It was really nice not having to study at all last night! and the best part is, I now get to focus on getting Stelios (and eventually myself) to Chattanooga!

Next week I get to meet Stelios in Chattanooga for the week where we will be looking for a place to live. We are very excited to be looking for our first place together! Although I think I will be doing a lot of the initial looking on my own as Stelios has to decide which book to use for his Invertebrate Zoology class next Spring (any suggestions from those of you who have taught this already?) and he hasn't had a chance to really look at any of the ones that he ordered. And we get to celebrate my birthday together! We haven't been able to do that for toooo long. So when we find our place, I will definitely let everyone know about it....

And congrats to Irene and Vlad! Very exciting news and I can't wait to hear all the updates about the little one.

Oh, BTW, the US Women's team got 3rd place. They lost to Brazil in the semi-finals, from what I saw on the website (unfortunately I didn't get a chance to watch any of the games) the US team fell apart and pretty much got schooled by the Brazilians. Oh well, can't win them all.


Sparkling Squirrel said...

After you alerted us, I did watch a few of the games. Watched the quarter finals-- US beating England and Brazil beating Australia, which were both fun games. Of course now I'm concentrating on my Rockies baseball fandom.

I used Living Invertebrates by Pearse, Pearse, Buchsbaum and Buchsbaum which if fabulous but outdated.
I used the Rupert, Fox and Barnes, (Invertebrate Zoology) which seems to be most common as a reference, but it was way to detailed and phylogenetically orientied for my freshman and sophomores. But I like it. I think I also have the Brusca (Invertebrates) but I like it less, if I recall.

Beth said...

Another good one is D.T. Anderson's Invertebrate Zoology which is Australia taxa heavy but good.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

It turns out that I have the Lutz Invertebrate Zoology that I like less.