Saturday, May 5, 2007


After going to the farmer's market this morning and buying three tomato plants, I was inspired to do a bit of gardening this morning. I cleared out the weeds in my vegetable patch, transplanted a couple of coneflower plants, and planted my tomatoes. In addition I planted seeds: basil, sugar-snap peas, and Alyssum.

The lettuce and spinach are growing well - the lettuce is a bit happier than the spinach.


There are also buds on the larkspur and spiderwort that were left by the previous tenant.



Well - back to exam writing. I wonder if my tomatoes have grown any.


Tucson Trekker said...

I should be working right now but it's way more fun to check GBKD! You take such GOOD pics, Jennifer! I love seeing little lettuce babies. Not really part of my gardening regime here. The artichoke is doing OK, though. I just planted 2 tinsy ocotillos in my yard. Maybe I'll post pics -- they're so CUTE! It's all part of a sad story with a reasonably happy ending...