Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cruel and Unusual

We do oral exams for our graduation biology seniors during finals week. It is cruel. It is unusual at lease in my experience. It is annoying (it's hard enough to write and grade all of my other finals and papers without giving trying to schedule eight individual finals). It is particularly annoying when students don't do well.

I really really like them. Does that make me a bad person?


Sally's sister said...

There's only 8 students? I think it's unusual for a college to make undergrads take an oral graduating exam. Unless it's so small and it's a prestigious program. I wish I could see the post when I leave a comment. It's the system you hate, not the students.

Jennifer said...

I think it is only human. I would probably like it as well, unless they were doing really bad. Then I think it would be hard

Irene said...

You can see the post when you leave a comment - at the top left on the "leave a comment" page, there's a link you can click that says "show original post". Then it will show that along with the comments.