Thursday, May 31, 2007

carex and other unknowns

Hi - I have my very own carex (or some kind of sedge) in my yard and wanted to add its picture to the collection (how'd I get my toe in at that angle?) plus a picture of something both Jennifer and I have that we independently decided to let grow to see what it is. Here is my backyard, from the roof. I wood chipped the back half. I love the woodsy feel. And here's Sally since she's so cute.


Sparkling Squirrel said...

Yes. The plant mentioned earlier is a Crepe Mrytle, by the way.

Sally's sister said...

Oh yeah. It's gone, no more crepes.

Jennifer said...

Hi - I think the Carex might be Carex blanda (which I have worked with Helen on characterizing the transmission of smut).

I found out the other plant is white avens.


salsis said...

Letting that white avens grow was a mistake - it went everywhere! But is easy to pull up.