Thursday, November 1, 2007

Spooky Halloween Shot

OK, so I'm a little late...


Jennifer said...

We did not even get our pumpkins carved. But we did do some decorating. We had about 30 kids, not as many as in Larryville, but it was still fun. I answered the door in an version of my space girl costume. I wore my medieval dress to work, but no one else that I saw dressed up. This morning my students were all lethargic and quiet.T

me: "Too much trick-or-treating last night?"

them: "Yea, let's just call it that"

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Among the many things I do not understand about my town is Halloween timing. Last year the city council set Tues, Oct. 31 for trick-or-treating, with local paper front page headlines every week in October "Trick or Treat Night Set for Oct. 31"

This year Trick or Treating was set for Tues. Oct 30, but it was buried deep inside the paper only one week. In my experience, trick or treating before Halloween is much more newsworthy than trick or treating on Halloween.

I went shopping for purple hair spray on Saturday this year, thinking that I was doing it early. All three stores in town were down to remnant Halloween items and had unveiled three aisles of Christmas decor.

Anyway, between parties on Saturday and trick or treating on Tues, Halloween celebrations had abated by Halloween (although, of course, I wore my witch with a day job costume to work). So I was very surprised when 15 of 24 students in my ecology class showed up on a day we had an announced quiz.

Sally's sister said...

What - why did they change the night? Would people even know it was changed if every other year it was the 30th? I protest! I went to Tall Flambouyant's (Bridgetts) house for pizza and Shaun of the Dead, then had a dream about a zombie sweet potato. Only about 15 kids showed up.