Monday, November 26, 2007

less-materialistic xmas ideas

I thought I'd do something radical and donate to Heifer International rather than give xmas presents this year. I think my friends' kids would think it's cool, and my best friend I never see around xmas anyway and end up giving a present late, and another is just discovering ways to be more environmentally friendly so she might think it's cool. And my parents I never know what to get, so if I'm going to get something that flops anyway, at least some needy person will benefit. I'll get them a new game too though, gives us something new to do while sitting around the house. There was a PBS show about Heifer where they traced where the animals went. Ironic for a vegetarian to give the gift of animal food? They have a knitting basket - maybe this would be appropriate for the knitters donation?
This year, instead of another sweater that will end up in the closet unworn, why not honor Dad with a Knitting Basket -four wool-producing animals that will give new hope to families in need?


Jenny said...

Hi SS! I like your ideas about Heifer project. If you want to give a vegetarian food gift, I belive they give honey bee gifts!
ps. It was fantastic to see you briefly last week!