Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fun with names

Now that we know the baby's gender, we've starting thinking more seriously about names for her. The "short list" of names we're serious about is here, and I'd love to hear comments about those.

But we can only manage so much seriousness before we get silly. In addition to the "real" names, we keep coming up with names we would never actually use. Some of them are mythological or fictional names that we like, but would be difficult to grow up with. Galadriel. Eowyn. Kitiara. Persephone. Lorelei. Calliope. Galatea. Brigantia. Freya. Andraste. Trillian. Xena. Esmerelda.

My favorite silly names are not even people-names, but rather just sound pretty and have obscure meanings. Amygdala - a part of the brain responsible for processing emotions. Galladoria - a dungeon in an online roleplaying game. Penumbra - a half-shadow or the edge of a shadow. Elytra - the wing coverings of a beetle. Amaranth - a flowering plant named after a mythological Greek hunter, Amaranthus. Mandragora - the mandrake plant, or a type of familiar demon associated with the plant.

What would you name a kid if you didn't have to worry about teasing, mispronunciation, or general societal acceptability?


Jennifer said...

I have always liked both Amaranth and Persephone.

I think Sambucus.

Jennifer said...

Ohh - and I read a book once where the main character was Coriander

Sally's sister said...

Rusty, Sally, Guaba, Yoda

Sparkling Squirrel said...

When I lived with my friend Lisa Persephone was the goddess of the month for almost the whole year. I've always liked Artemisia; references to both the Goddess of the moon and one of my favorite plants. My friend Janet suggested that my daugter could be Artemisia Powis Castle (you know you're a nerdy gardener when you're friends suggest plant selection varieties as names for your kids). Of course, Ewaldina/Ewaldino would be up there for names. And Vladette.

Anonymous said...

My oldest son said I should have named him Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFate. My middle son would prefer to be Zeus and my youngest is still very keen on Clark Kent.

If I'd had a girl and didn't have to worry about society.. she'd be Amethyst Rose... my fave gem and my fave flower.