Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sad (but hopeful) News

I just received an e-mail from Alex(andra), a knitting group member before any of us were knitters, a founder of stats at the Replay, and a super-cool graduate of the Kindscher-Foster "Labs" now doing environmental consulting in San Fransisco. Alex first illustrated for me that "hip" "fit" "crafty"and "nerdy" were entirely compatible.
Anyway, Alex was recently diagnosed with fairly advanced breast cancer, which will require dramatic surgery and chemo, at a minimum.

I also received messages from friends of Alex who are compiling happy wishes for Alex. One is crocheting an afghan from fragments of yarn from her friends and the other is making a box of cards. I'll be happy to forward the details to anyone who wants to contribute.
In the meantime, please send healing thoughts and prayers her way and do something relaxing for yourself.


Jennifer said...

I will keep Alex in my thoughts. I hope all goes well for her.

Jenny said...

Hi SS, thanks for sharing this news. Could you forward the info you mentioned to Tim or I? Do you know if Alex has already begun treatments?

Molly said...

Thanks for letting us know. I think I recall that she dealt with something else rather scary medically in school, and rebounded to great health... I will be hoping for the same strength for her again this time. SS, would you also forward the info to me?

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Yes, Alex had some really crazy reproductive issues that became digestive that led her to turning green and being very very sick in grad school. She did recover very well and now is in great health, aside from an invasive cancer, and riding long bike rides and acting strong young and fit.
I don't think she has started treatments yet.

Beth said...

The Breast Book by Dr. Susan Love is a great book which I'd love to send her. It's an amazing resource for women or friends of women with breast cancer. Can you email us her address so we can send her stuff?