Monday, September 10, 2007

I love pictures

Hi everyone,

Been hiking and taking pictures. I put together some of the best ones from my trips to Pima Canyon (over 200 pictures). I thought I'd post a link here for those of you who want to see them. The first ones are from late March and they progress through yesterday (my most recent trip to Pima). I'm a total Pima Canyon junkie. You can see the season change as you go. In March there was some rain and the ocotillos got leaves. April through July were quite dry and all the ocotillos lost their leaves. Then we had a lot of rain in the July/August monsoon season and you can see the desert got quite lush. Every week it seems like new types of flowers appear.

Here's the link:



Sparkling Squirrel said...

Great images! Can I use some of them in ecology class to show that the desert does, in fact, bloom?

Tucson Trekker said...

Sure!! Use all you want!

Jenny said...

These are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, TT. It is so neat to see the changes over time.