Monday, September 17, 2007

Colorado and Santa Fe

Here's some pics from my trip last week with my summer housemate. The car broke down 24 mi. east of Limon on Sat. - we got towed by George from Alaska and his toy poodle Betsy. Then a 'friend' in Denver drove the 87 miles to take us and the camping gear to the Denver airport to rent a Jeep! The 'friend' is really a friend of my best friend - I had met him once at her wedding 11 years ago. Stayed in his posh apt. in downtown Denver, and invited him to horseback ride with us Monday. But his car broke down, so after setting up camp in Rocky Mt Natl Park Sunday night, we drove the 80 miles back to Denver to pick him up & he camped with us. Then Mon. after the ride it poured so we drove him home, got showers, and he gave us rumba lessons. Then set up camp late Mon. night - heard someone outside the tent during the night - elk! Tues. park, Wed. drive to Santa Fe and stop at Sand Dunes, Friday 17 hour day back to Limon to get my car, to airport to return rental, then on to Lawrence. Never did hike in the mountains - a jaunt up to 12,005 ft. from 11,700 ruined us for the day!


Tucson Trekker said...

Cool pictures SS!! Sounds like a pretty exciting if somewhat star-crossed trip! Those elk look huge.

Irene said...

Hey, looks like you had fun. Is that a bear in one of those shots? Good thing it was too busy fattening up for the winter to pay attention to you!

Molly said...

Those are such awesome photos! I especially love the one of you (?) running away into the dunes with your arms up in the air:)