Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I said something funny today . . .

. . .and my students laughed!
While I inadvertently say funny things way to often, and occasionally talk about things that I know are funny (like barnacle penis length), I don't recall ever just embedding a joke into a large lecture power point and having students laugh spontaneously and heartily. I think it made my day even more than electroshocking fish.
One slide was an image of a liger, the next slide, in boring power point fashion, had the liger image on one side and bullet points on the other.

  • Pretty much my favorite animal
  • It's like a tiger and a lion mixed
  • Bred for its skill in magic

The computer programming majors laughed by far the hardest.


Irene said...

Why am I not surprised that the IT guys would be the most amused?

Jennifer said...

Yeah - and how clever to present it in boring power point fashion.

Jenny said...

Hurrah for getting students to laugh!
Can you eloborate on electroshocking fish?