Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cubs vs. Rockies and other Irrational Fears

So I looked at this morning's paper (which did not include the results of yesterday's baseball games) and realized that if the Cubs held on (which seemed likely), and if the Rockies held on and the stars were aligned (which seemed unlikely, but the Rockies were on an 11 game winning streak) then the Cubs would be facing the Rockies in the first series of the play-offs.

I had never envisioned this scenario. It scared me. I have no idea who I would cheer for. I felt paralyzed. Why hadn't I considered this before?

I always thought I had my priorities clearly ranked: Rockies, Cubs, Royals, Mariners and whatever home team I happen to be at, in that order. But Rockies-Cubs in the play-offs? Ack! Home for 30 years vs. family home? Two underdogs! What would I do?

Which leads to a long list of irrational fears-- I'm worried that someday I'll need to do something heroic to save someone and be physically unable to because of some stench. I spent the year I was 19 mentally explaining to Bruce Hornsby how I couldn't date him, so I would have the wording prepared in case the need ever arose. Jennifer needs shoes in which she can outrun psycopaths. What unlikely scenarios are you ready for? Or not?


Sparkling Squirrel said...

Cubs are in, Rockies (with the better record) are not, by the way. No worries about my alliances. This is the year the Cubs are going to do it for my grandpa (After the heartbreak in 2003 he called my mom and commented, "I just don't think I'm going to live to see them win it." He died last year.)

Jennifer said...

There was much jubilation in our house Friday night after the cubs clinched.

I have to finish writing an exam today for my Evolution and Ecology Class on Monday. I had a dream last night that it was Monday and somehow Sunday never occurred and thus I never finished writing the test. So I gave them the part of the test I had written, and tried to think of essay questions to write on the board, but I kept getting distracted by other people. I ended up in tears because I just knew I was going to lose my job over this. Then I woke up (2 am) and got up to finish writing the exam, before I realized it was Saturday night (or I guess early Sunday morning) and I could go back to sleep.

So, I am off to finish writing my exam.

Irene said...

Irrational fears? I have a few I can think of:

Whenever I'm waiting for a train, I stand at least 5 ft back from the rails. I think it's because I still haven't forgotten the story of the woman who died after being pushed in front of an oncoming train by a mentally disturbed guy.

Whenever something bad happens to me in a dream, it's always something that is very unlikely in real life. The one recurring theme I can think of is venomous creatures - I used to have dreams about getting bitten by a snake, or (after seeing one on a TV show) a blue-ringed octopus, or a tarantula. But oddly, I never had a brown recluse nightmare even when my apartment was full of them.

Tucson Trekker said...

My most frequent recurring nightmare is still forgetting to go to class all semester and then trying to take the final. Student at heart... I also have random dreams about not knowing which houses to deliver the paper to and not knowing how to work the till at the bagel shop. Last night I had a particularly significant-seeming dream, but I didn't write it down and it's completely gone now.

SS -- seems like you lived one of your biggest fears by sharing a house with Jelly. I never knew that!

Sparkling Squirrel said...

I don't remember having the student version of the exam nightmare, but I've had the teacher version several times(in it, I, too wrote essay questions on the board, weird).

TT- Jelly was a stench that I could get past and do things like clean his ears (which is not really heroic). But there are smells which are diabilitating, and I worry that if I were Han Solo, I could not put Luke in the carcas to keep him overnight (first scence of Empire Strikes back) or that there will just be some smell so very foul that I would be puking before I could pull the maggot infested decaying human out of harms way.

As for my Cubs Rockies fear, it may still come to pass.

Sally's sister said...

My reoccurring nightmare is trying to save a 4 critters when a tornado is approaching, or some other danger. The dogs usually come along ok, it's the cats I struggle with carrying at the same time. Thus, I keep the cat carriers out in the living room within easy reach. And I would stick my bike on my car and load up the animals and drive as far as the gas would allow, and when the gas gave out or the highways were clogged with evacuees, switch to my bike and the dogs would run along side me and the cat carriers would be strapped to the back, and I'd have my backpack on of essentials, and of course not get very far, and maybe the cats would be better off on their own. And if it's that bad maybe I wouldn't be caring so much about the animals, but then that makes me feel guilty, so the best thing to do would be to make it to Jennifer's in the country and hole up and whatever bad happens happens, at least I'm with friends. And my animals.