Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Plant tax job in KS!

Brief version of the announcement. Find details at:

PLANT TAXONOMIST - Department of Biological Sciences at Fort Hays State University

Position Description: Full time 9-month tenure-track biologist with specialization in plant or fungal taxonomy. Appointment date: August 2011.

Responsibilities: This position will require teaching Plant Taxonomy to Biology majors, and other related courses (potentially Mycology), based on qualifications of the successful applicant and departmental needs. The successful applicant also will teach introductory biology courses for majors or nonmajors, General Education courses, and introductory biology labs for majors.... Experience with herbarium curation is desirable; the successful applicant is expected to curate plant teaching collections and has the potential to curate the Elam Bartholomew Herbarium at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History.

Qualifications: Minimal qualifications include an earned Ph.D. in biology, botany, or an appropriate subdiscipline (ABD will be considered for well-qualified applicants)....

PS love the lab video.


Sparkling Squirrel said...

This has been somewhat of a joke among the Mister and me. For years he has suggested that I work at said institution because it's the kind of institution I work at and because it is convienently located 5 hours from one set of parents and 2 from the other.
I have always declared, "I am NOT moving to Hays." "Hays is too windy, too hot in summer, too truly flat, too cold in winter, and too small and far from anything."
So where did I take a job? 200 miles due south of Hays. Possibly windier, definitely hotter, smaller town, and much farther from family (but slightly less flat and much much closer to a city and an airport).

Cathy said...

If the job were to be able to identify only the ~50 (maybe 100 counting the weeds) plant species that were in my or Bryan's experiments, and to identify plants based only on vegetative characteristics (because I seemed to always take data before things flowered), then I MIGHT be qualified.

Perhaps I better stick to the "ecologist" positions. :)