Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grumble, grouch, grrr

Ok maybe I am just a big meanie, but I am really tired of my colleagues bringing their kids to work because of snow days and then just letting them run up and down the halls.

I am actually trying to work here. Really, I am. I understand your predicament, but keep em under control please!


Beth said...

Wow. That wouldn't fly well at all on my campus. At least the running part of it. Have they heard of coloring books and/or video games with headphones?

The Mister said...

I don't know - part of having a flexible schedule is the ability to bring my kid to work. Yes, they should, ideally, behave well. But the occasional kid mid-day at a college shouldn't be a huge surprise.

But yeah, well-behaved is kind of critical. Running up and down the halls could be a problem.

Jennifer said...

Like I said, I understand the predicament, but you bring your kids to our workplace, you better keep them under control. And I am not talking about a baby, I am talking about 6, 7, 10 year olds. Old enough to behave.