Monday, June 9, 2008

No time to gloat

Jennifer and I had what turned out to be an all-around great trip to North Carolina together last week (with plenty of "issues" that made it an adventure: sitting through bad talks, roads on the map that didn't exist, poor tea selection) and we kept thinking that we needed to post and gloat about how much fun we were having (in part to encourage a bigger reunion at a conference in future years). We were deterred from gloating by having a good time (see Jennifer's pictures of gardens and Raleigh over on the road to somewhere), by being part of the crowd that hangs out ourside drinking wine and playing instruments late into the night on the last night of the conference, and driving way too far to see plants that were not in bloom. While we were gone, my town (and my house) flooded and we returned to help the Mister replace raised beds that had floated away and clean a thin layer of mud off of everything in the basement in 90 degree heat (more on the flood on sparkling squirrel soon). Then it was time to take Jennifer to Pittsburgh (via brunch and a Pirates game) and for me to get back to work. But, while we haven't had time to tell you what a good time we were having, know that we were having one and that it would be even more fun if more of us were together for the next GBK reunion!


Sally's sister said...

We'd go to South Carolina when I was growing up and I remember ordering tea at breakfast at McDonald's - they gave me an ice tea so my dad explained not ice tea, just tea. So they gave us the ice tea again minus the ice. So finally they understood it was hot tea - I think they didn't have it but don't remember.