Monday, June 16, 2008

GBKD Reunion Weekend?

Wow, reading SS's last post really strikes home just how dispersed we really are. In our recent travels in Appalachia (which I have been chronicling on my blog), we had a discussion about a larger reunion sometime in the next year or so. Of course there would be a lot to figure out: where, when, what will we do?

Next Summer - easier for those of us who teach
Groundhog Day Weekend - continue the Groundhog Day Party Tradition
An Autumn Weekend - it just sounds cozy! and in the spring, so many times we are setting up field work

This is a bit more difficult, in my perfect world, we would continue with reunions every year, every other year? and the location would circulate amongst different areas of the country. Ideas we had for one in the next year or so

Kansas City Area - Central Location, still the one location with the most people
Hawaii - we would have a local guide!
Chicago Area - Again a central location, and it would probably be easy for everyone to get there.
Any other region where one of us is located would also be great.
Really cool "retreat"-like location - beach house, cabin in the mountains, etc.

What would we do?
This is not so hard. Obviously there would be a lot of catching up. I imagine one evening we order pizza, eat brownies, and do the traditional "knitting night". I think it would also be cool to have a slightly more formal science or education "round table" discussion - in the view towards creating collaborative works (can you plan such a thing?) How about a short "Fun Run/Walk"? Game Night?

So what do you think? Is this viable? Please put in your 2 cents! I am willing to take the lead on this if there is interest. I really miss you all and our weekly support system.


Irene said...

I would love to have a GBKD reunion! Although I'm tempted to suggest the Philly area, it would be a bit difficult for me to host if there were more than a few people coming. For me, there's no particular time of year that's better or worse.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

One other possibilty we discussed was a reunion cenetered around a conference (Conservation Bio or something).

I've thought about Western PA (partially for the Punxsutawney GH connection) because it's close for Irene, Abby, Molly and myself, where SalSis's parents are and would be fairly easy to get to from anywhere flying.

I'd always be pro-Colorado as well.

My personal issue is just how long it takes me to get anywhere. It is pretty much impossible for me to get anywhere for the weekend except Pittsburgh or Columbus (I have already had to be the bad daughter on for my parents' anniversary party)when I don't live near an airport and the one I'm closest to doesn't have direct flights.

On a small scale, I already have plans to be in Lawrence for the Self meetings next spring (probably end of March, first of April) and official approval to miss my classes. We could reunion the weekend before at someplace in the country (Jennifer and Wally's comes to mind, as does The LODGE in Baldwin) so it would be a getaway for those who live in the area also.

Sally's sister said...

I'd love to have a reunion and yes think someone needs to take the lead or it'll be one of things nice to do but never done. Do we want to start with a Lawrence reunion when SpSq is back in the spring? Pittsburgh area would be really convenient for me!

Beth said...

I'm also all for a reunion and if we went the Chicago area - we can put up lots of people. My only concern with the spring (I'll need to check on the dates) is I'm on a search committee that will be having interviews at some point in the spring. Also my folks are in Cleveland (1.5 hours from Pittsburgh) and they have a large enough place to put up lots of people too. More space than ours but personally I think Chicago would be more fun.

Jenny said...

I love all your ideas. Thanks for suggesting them!
What about a time during winter break? Would people be more available then instead of autumn or spring?
It would be easier for me to travel somewhere within driving distance (Kansas City, Madison, the Twin Cities, Chicago), because the DM airport has limited flights out BUT I'm willing to go anywhere.

Erin said...

You are all very welcome to come to Hawaii. We will have room at our place for people to stay, and vacation homes are also reasonable to rent for a large group (and can have ocean views!) There will be no shortage of things to do here. I'm not sure if I will be able to make it back for a mainland reunion, but I can skype with you all.

Jennifer said...

I just wanted to post a quick comment - I have not forgotten about this idea!