Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I can't believe . . .

that they actually pulled it off. Beth had called me during the last few minutes of regulation and we both were prepared for them to lose. What a game!

Was Lawrence just crazy last night? Does the town have a hangover this morning? Anyone going to the celebration at three today?

Hey - It's Debbie. I went to the rally today. Here's the pics!


Sally's sister said...

Damn our grad student who doesn't quite get things together for us. Damn him damn him. At what point does an advisor let someone go, and to what extent do they give 2nd chances? I worked 1/2 day on my birthday to finish organizing what he gave to us for field reconns, and now I am scrambling to do it again. Yes, we clearly said organize the sites this way for us... I'll end up taking it home with me if I want to go to the celebration.

Sally's sister said...

PS he wants to go away for a whole freakin' month this summer even though he's in charge of one of our projects. Criminy. My boss said he'd tell the guy he can't be on a GRA then for that month. I think it indicates his lack of commitment to grad school.