Monday, January 14, 2008

lucy pics

Here are some pics of Lucy. Not nearly so glamorous as your lovely photo, Irene:) Sorry it took me so long to upload them-- I only just recently figured out how to transfer images from my cell phone to the computer (I don't have a digital camera other than my phone these days).
It is so wonderful that Sally is visiting folks. SS, have you seen Jon Katz's latest article in Slate magazine, about how he takes his dog to visit people in hospice care?
It is a kind of introspective time for me, these days. Even though N and I have been officially split up since last August, we've haven't really been apart ever since he moved to DC. Last week, I finally decided that I need some time to really be alone--of course, the corollary is that he now has to be alone, but not of his own choosing. Making someone you love unhappy really sucks. And, alone is pretty scary and empty, but definitely also a time to explore and grow... Right now I'm going on faith that I need some time to come to terms with this emptiness, or at least try.
So, it is pretty nice to check into our blog and hear about what's going on in old friends' lives. I hope that you are all doing well.


Sparkling Squirrel said...

She's adorable (but then I knew that from personal experience). Looking forward to seeing Lucy (and you, more importantly) this weekend.

Cathy said...

Cute puppy! Being alone is always a challenge....but I'm sure you'll turn it into a great personal adventure. Are you still cycling at all?

Sally's sister said...

Glad you got Lucy - all I saw was her head at first - I thought her white body was part of the blankets! Pets sure help the lonely times. Thanks for the link to that story. I stopped going to nursing homes because it was depressing, then the lady we visited the most died. But I love the developmentally disabled people. Last night one guy touched Sally for the 1st time! And lo and behold there was a fourth person *Annie* living there that I never knew lived there. They brought her out and I didn't think she was interested in Sally, so I moved to sit by another lady on a love seat, and *Annie* came over and squeezed her way onto the couch with us!

Molly said...

That is so cool that Sally is getting people like Annie to come out of her shell! I really do think that some dogs have a way of being healing, or maybe any kind of touch is healing and people generally feel freer to touch dogs. Anyway, I think it is great what you and Sally are doing, SS.
No cycling these days, Cathy :( Actually, right now my bike is still with one of my friends who is working as a bike mechanic in DC (with NO previous experience-- I am pretty much in awe of her). Any centuries for you??
Looking forward to seeing you too, Sp Sq!!