Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm procrastinating so I thought I'd share something fun

So I'm supposed to be at school in my office getting ready for Monday - the start of classes. Instead I'm at home neither working on classes or working on my faculty officer work but surfing on the Chronicle of Higher Ed (and playing with the puppy). But I found on Miss Mentor's site a funny question and answer.

Question: If I get tenure, will I feel (a) ecstatic, knowing They do love me; or (b) sad, fearing I'll lose all ambition forever; or (c) relieved, seeing as how I got by again, and they still don't know I'm a total fraud?

Answer: Yes.

I thought that we would appreciate this question even if its reality is farther away that we'd like.

Things are going well with me just busy. I presented at the National Association of Biology Teachers and the Society for Integrative Biology meetings in November and January. Our 7.5 month old puppy is 100 lbs! He's very cute and getting bigger every day and as an added bonus he's very warm when he decides to be a "bundling board" on the bed at night (woohoo newlywed life). I'm totally not ready for classes to start next week. Mentally I still want a longer break - maybe the problem is our break was too long. Oh well. My hubby's business is getting ready to launch and I'll be sure to get the URL out to everyone when it does. :-) And our holiday cards will be extra late this year but do include pictures of the puppy and the hubby!

Hope things are going well with everyone else - it's time to go tackle the mess of my office.