Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Professional Women Scam

I received a scam in the postal mail! For the National Association of Professional Women. I was chosen to be a member, they even had a webpage for my profile. I looked up their webpage, then googled them and found many postings on this being a scam.




nicole johnson said...

Hi, I am the director of communications for NAPW and i would love the opportunity to speak with you. This post is very damaging to our organization with more than 150,000 fantastic professional women. I would love the opportunity to show you who we really are, please email me a place where I can contact you njohnson@napw.com. Thank you so much, Nicole

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Way to go Sal Sis, you brought the promoter right here to our page. What fun. She surely wants to know about the fabulous gorgeous professional women around.

By the way, I'm not signed in so the word verification is up-- "midol". How appropriate for women being a pain/

salsis said...

And we can knit!

Erin said...

Every couple of years I get a mailing to be in Cambridge who's who, and there is enough time since the last mailing that I look them up and remember that it is totally bogus. I think it is the same kind of thing. Any professional organization that makes you pay without offering some kind of real networking seems pretty useless.

BTW, there are now predatory publishers out there too, who "invite" you to contribute a book chapter and pay $2000 for it (without receiving any royalties). Ick.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

I've been invited to share my dissertation with a larger audience by publishing it, too.