Saturday, January 23, 2010

From Good Housekeeping

My mom sent this to me and I had to share the amusement!


Irene said...

There's something interesting about this in addition to the role of the woman then as opposed to now.

If you notice, it is implied that working a full day in the outside world - at a whitecollar job, judging from the picture - is an exhausting and harrowing experience, something that the poor brave husband might barely have made it through.

I mean sure, we've all had days like that at work. But was it really so bad? Different from today? Or is that image of the man's job as hard and tiring supposed to further motivate the wife to be sympathetic and not question anything?

Molly said...

What an amazing country we live in, that women have gone from being essentially property to whatever it is we are today, more or less regular human beings, over my grandmother's lifetime... Has anyone else seen Sandra Tsing Loh's latest oped in the NY Times, in which she fantasizes about having a 50's wife (husband)?