Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally saw Avatar


We finally went and saw Avatar in 3D, and I definitely recommend it. This article waxes lyrical about the coolness of the biology in the movie, and the biologist (a plant biologist no less!) who is one of the important characters. Careful though, there's a spoiler at the end of the article.

Who else has seen it? Did you like the world's biology?

(BTW, Beth, I remembered to click through Cinekin to buy tickets via Fandango :-) )


Sparkling Squirrel said...

Haven't seen it. My Mister thought it was beautiful and technically astounding but too heavy-handed point wise, that one should take on corporations or military but not both so much.
He didn't mention anything about plant biologists.

Beth said...

Haven't seen it but Josh says I need to. It's been sold out a lot here so we haven't been able to get tickets the few times we've had time. sigh. We'll see it soon I hope.

Thanks for clicking on Fandango through cinekin! We got the 20 cents of commission from that.

Irene said...

SpSq - Sigourney Weaver plays a botanist with an attitude.

The general consensus is that one does not watch it for the story as much as the visuals, but I enjoyed both. I'm a lousy movie critic - I like the characters I'm supposed to like, tense up when I'm supposed to feel tense, cry when I'm supposed to cry.