Friday, November 21, 2008

New horizons

A not so little bird mentioned that Cathy and Jenny's mister have recently landed great jobs, but this bird was in a hurry and didn't fill in the details. Please dish so we can join in your excitement!

I am giving myself some homework to get going on the blog this weekend. I have been bad about correspondence in general. On a related note, do you think it is too late to send thank yous for my graduation gifts (from May)? I have been totally lame about this but really want to do it. Will people think it's weird or do I get a year like for a wedding? Please help the etiquette challenged!

And again, congrats to the job getters!


Beth said...

I would send them with an update so you both thank people and tell people where/what you're doing now.

Jennifer said...

Exciting news!!! Can't wait for the updates.

How are things with you Erin?

As far as Thank You's - I don't know what is proper, but I would think it is better late than not at all?

Sparkling Squirrel said...

I'm with Beth, your friends want to hear from you and you want to congratulate them. Send them an update and a happy message.

So, Erin's the first little bird I've heard, so I definitely want details about the career moves.

Cathy said...

Thanks for the congrats! Still lots up in the air, but I've signed on to move to St. Louis (yes, yes, something I thought I'd never do....but upon visiting, was pleasantly surprised). Apparently I just need to keep my doors locked. I'll be postdoc-ing at Wash U. Likely spending lots of time in S. Carolina, too. I won't give away Jenny's mister's news....but I will say that I'm looking forward to living in the same city as them! (uh oh, did that give it away?) :)

Hope everyone had a nice T-Giving!

Erin said...

Exciting news! I was wondering if you guys would end up in the same place. Congratulations!