Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Celebrations and Nerdiness

Happy Birthday to Jennifer's Mister (Tuesday?), Jenny's Mister (late in July) and 3 month to Annika (today).
We just passed Beth's Anniversary, mine is this week, and Tucson's is next week.
But no birthdays among GBKs.
So, I was washing dishes and thinking that between Bridgett and Cathy (late May) and Cheryl and Abby (October), we have no birthdays*. On the other hand, all of the Misters' birthdays I know fall in that gap. Nate is late May, Mario June, Stephen and Tim July and Jeff September. What's up with summer men and late autumn-winter-spring women?
And, while I am washing dishes, I was thinking about whether or not this is statistically significant. And, more to the point, would it be an interesting enough problem for my techniques of science classes to do. I think the answer is no to both (although I haven't worked it out yet) but I am intrigued by the different tests one could do depending on what the null hypothesis is.

*Sorry if I somehow missed someone.


Beth said...

Well Josh's is February so I guess he can be the exception to the rule. And I was supposed to be a July baby not an April one. :-)

Sally's sister said...

Yoda, and Sally are in July, and Guaba in Sept. I throw Rusty in July too.

Irene said...

Vlad's is in early October, so probably isn't with the pattern.

Happy Birthday to the Misters!