Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Open state land for haying, grazing"

Iowa is approximately 93% agricultural land, with only 4% of natural areas, privately protected or state-protected. Although I know the flooding has had a terrible impact on the state, it kind of breaks my heart to think of cattle grazing that little bit of land isn't already devoted to agriculture or to cities.,0,3187433.story
Am I just overreacting? I know state parks aren't exactly pristine habitat, but COME ON, don't we have any limits?


Jenny said...

Whoops, sorry about those typos. Maybe I should calm down a bit before posting stuff like that. Or not get so worked up. Or live in another state with actual natural areas.

Jennifer said...

I did not read the article, but I don't think you are over-reacting.

Irene said...

Eh. Cattle grazing state parks is bad. But cattle making use of roadside grass sounds fine. I just want to know how they'll get the cows into and out of the highway medians without them becoming roadkill.