Thursday, July 3, 2008

dehumidifier water safe for pets?

Does anyone know about giving dehumidifier water to pets to drink? I started putting it out in the bird bath, then because it rained last night and everything was watered or filled with water, I poured it in the water bowl inside. I suppose I should drink it too if I'm giving it to them!


Sparkling Squirrel said...

Good question. I would imagine that mine breeds a small amount of fungus, so I would be leery, but not very.

Irene said...

I'd probably stick to using it for plants. But you could just let your pets' noses decide. Give them a dish with water from the dehumidifier and one with tap water, and see which one they prefer.

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO!!!! It clearly states in the phamplet that comes with a dehumidifier in big letters: Do not drink the water! So please don't give it to your pets!

It is not distilled water. It has not been boiled. It is full of gunk that is in your air and in a concentrated amount. Mold, fungi, dust is what you will be drinking.

Also, the aluminum that is used in the coils leak out into the water because of the near freezing temps that a dehumidifier uses to condense the water.