Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Groundhog Eve!

Surely it's a holiday* where you are, isn't it? Everyone in Oklahoma is getting the day off this year, and lots of friends in Texas, Kansas, and Missouri seem to be home celebrating. Whether or not you are home with the wind howling or having a normal day at work, I hope you are safe and warm and starting a new a happy new month.
Happy Groundhog Day and thanks for being my friend.

Oh, Jennifer and I both have new photos on our respective blogs-- be sure to check them out.

*I was talking to my parents last night, who are in Denver where it was already below zero and blowing hard with a few inches of snow on the ground, but nobody talking about anything closing. I told them we wouldn't have school today and, knowing that we didn't yet have any snow, they had to ask why. The Mister replied, "Doesn't everybody get the day off for Groundhog Eve?"