Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good advice I received too late

One of my mother friends gave me this sound advice when I was seven months pregnant, so it was too late for me. When pregnant when your regular clothes stop fitting, don't spend lots of effort making them fit and don't jump into maternity clothes. Buy some clothes two sizes bigger than you normally wear.

The big advantage to this comes a few months after giving birth. At that time, one is sick of maternity clothes, sick of looking pregnant and not yet fitting into one's regular clothes. At that point, one absolutely doesn't want to go out and pay for new "fat" clothes since one is intending to fit back into one's normal size. If one had normal (i.e. non-maternity), but larger clothes sitting around, it would be psychologically much better ("hey, I fit into some non-maternity clothes) than giving in and going and buying them new ("I can't believe I have nothing to wear so I need to go pay full price for stuff in the "women's" department.")
I'm in Colorado where it was 80 degrees on Sunday for my croquet tournament (I could still wear my maternity capris, which I love) and is currently snowing, and I'm glad I went and bought a pair of big jeans yesterday-- but I actually could have used them last March.


Irene said...

Definitely good advice! I wish I'd done that.

Erin said...

Great advice. I find that a lot of regular tops fit fine if I buy them a little larger than usual, but I don't really feel comfortable in pants that don't have a stretchy top. Even the belly band with my regular pants got really uncomfortable about a month ago. But then again, I am gaining weight pretty quickly and am starting to look more like Shrek than a human!

Beth said...

That makes a lot of sense. Although my guess is that without seeing or hearing advice like this, I would have just gotten maternity clothes and then hoped to shrink back. I have a feeling that I'll be reading over all these posts again when it's my turn. :-)

@Erin - the concept of you looking like Shrek made me laugh - I'm sure you haven't turned green. ;-)

Tucson Trekker said...

Not that I've done much maternity clothes shopping (went two places one day and plan to make that last), but in my experience, maternity clothes have an annoying lack of pockets, as well. Even my one pair of maternity pants with pockets has such ridiculously shallow pockets that everything falls out. In retrospect, larger normal pants would have been way more practical.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

TT- you are not alone with the irritating lack of pockets (although, interestingly, my maternity capris had quite functional pockets-- so it is possible to combine them with spandex waists).