Monday, April 20, 2009

Thermonastic Freaks

These tulips were all from the same group of bulbs. The indoor ones were picked on Sunday morning and brought into a warm (but much cooler than 70 degree) house. The photos (indoor and out) were taken on Thursday morning. It was cold but bright outside on Thursday. Thermonasty at work.
The up-close photo I took to show how the tulip is the classic monocot: parts in threes. Darned 7 tepaled, 7 stamened flower! Go hang out with the 5 petaled lily I photographed last summer and just showed my botany class as a classic 6 parted monocot.


Tucson Trekker said...

I MISS tulips. They are one of the joys of spring that really have no place in the Sonoran Desert. Now that most of the nation is anticipating one of their nicest seasons, we are expecting near or over 100 degrees today!

Sparkling Squirrel said...

I do so love tulips. They aren't common here (don't periniate well in the clay and deer like to eat them, while daffodils naturalize) but I have great ones this year and I love them.
Thermonastic movements are those in response to temperature, rather than light, which is why tulips as cut flowers don't last in a warm house.

Irene said...

We have some tulips in our yard, mostly the bright-red kind. But my favorites are a few that are somewhere between magenta and hot pink - what an awesome color (for a flower anyway)!