Monday, April 13, 2009


For lots of reasons (I don't need any more on-line time wasters, I don't want to try and figure out if my colleagues are "friends" . . . ) I am not on facebook and don't particularly want to be. However, I am being encouraged to join from various forces and wanted to know 1) who is on facebook? and 2) how often those of you who are on are on? Let me know.


Anonymous said...

I usually look at my facebook account once at the beginning of the day, while checking email and such - maybe later in the day if I'm not wanting to work quite then...I find that it is a nice way to keep in touch with some of my friends from college and my cousins - a lot of the application stuff that comes along with it can be a bit annoying.

Irene said...

I use and enjoy Facebook, generally check it once or twice on a workday. I find it's great for getting little tidbits about what's going on in people's lives, and sharing the things that I want to tell people but don't want to individually call or email people to tell them. And as someone who isn't very good about writing or calling my friends, Facebook helps me keep in touch much better than I would otherwise.

The main time sink factor comes from the various applications, and no one will think less of you if you ignore all requests for those.

If you worry about your students finding you on Facebook and learning more about you than you would like, you can manage your settings so that different subsets of your contacts have access to only what you want to share with them.

Some of those who are on Facebook might not check this blog often, or at all, so here's at least a partial list of knitters/KUEEB grads/significant others on Facebook. In no particular order. And I might be missing some.

Irene and Vlad
Jennifer Moody-Weis
Rebecca Linden
Elizabeth Fabri
Barb Parsons
Anna and Nate Carlson
Jason and Juli Emry
Heather and Wally
Beth and Josh
Sally's Sister
Cathy Collins
Katie and Todd Aschenbach
Jenny Hopwood and Tim Dickson
Katie Roach
Sarah Schmidt
Josh Rosenau
Abby Reft
Jamel Sandidge
Molly Rightmyer
K.J. Pittman
Lisa Tiemann

Irene said...

Another thing - at first I was confused by the fact that I was getting "friend" requests from people I went to high school with, and hadn't known all that well even then.

I realized later that it's not necessary to agonize about whether someone is truly a friend or not, before you add them to the Facebook list. All you have to decide is whether you're willing to be contacted by them and get updates from them... and if you change your mind, you can remove them from your friend list, or modify what you see from them, or they from you.

Cathy said...

Enough said!

Debbie said...

I use it as as novelty. Was on it a lot when I 1st joined. Then it wore off til a friend in PA joined and we would chat on-line occasionally. But the novelty has worn off. I check it once a week maybe, but don't glean any info I couldn't live without. Though it is the reason why Tuscon Trekker came for your shower! We were chatting online and commiserating that she couldn't be there when I looked up airline prices and we realized, she COULD be there!

I wouldn't post any of my knitter blog questions on facebook. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO MAKE A KNITTER-ONLY GROUP THAT ONLY KNITTERS SEE?

Irene said...

I can make a group on Facebook for the GBK's, sure. I'll send out some invites.

Erin said...

I am on, but don't check it regularly. Maybe a couple times a month? But it's nice to see what people are doing and how their kids are (and/or pets). I never update my page, though. Maybe I should more often.

Jennifer said...

Erin - I can't find you on facebook.

Heather York said...