Monday, September 1, 2008

Peaches and what I love about now

The end of summer is a weird time. Those of us caught up in the school calendar associate it with the dreaded "going back to work" (I've had students for two weeks already, but I still dread going back tomorrow) and sometimes early September feels like summer is over, but the bad parts (heat, humidity, mosquitos) haven' t gone away.
In order to combat my mournful mood, I offer this week's gratitude box. Drop in and write something about what you are grateful for this time of year.
Some of mine: peaches. We are at the height of the West Viriginia peach crop at the moment and I love, love, love really good peaches (I also won't buy grocery store peaches so it's only a short time I get to indulge my love.
Asters, goldenrod, wingstem, iron weed, joe-pye weed, sunflowers, sweet autumn clematis. . . not all are in full force right now, but they soon will be.
Basil and tomatoes (pesto, salad caprese, gazpacho, fresh spaghetti sauce)
Foggy mornings and glistening spider webs-- this time of year I walk to work in the fog almost every day.
The monarch caterpillars have destroyed our swamp milkweed. I hope the milkweed can take it, but I'm hopeful about more monarchs.
Butterflies love our butterfly bush. The morning glories look great, my hibiscus has the foofiest pink flowers I've seen, the fennel is starting a forest . . .
New pens and new lipstick. I always buy both for back to school. Of course the lipstick is not a great shade, but alas.
How about you?


Molly said...

I had my first brandywine tomato from my garden yesterday. I'm feeling very grateful to have a garden even though I'm living near DC.

Erin said...

It's avocado season at our house. We are also helping with a bee keeping endeavor and have fresh mac nut honey. I made lilkoi cheese cake yesterday with fruit from our yard. The peaches and corn here are terrible.

Beth said...

Lilacs - we just had one recruit itself to another part of the yard.

Walks outside with the puppy - it's nice and not too hot, so it's great to walk with him in the evening.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Beth, do you really have lilacs blooming now, or are you excited that you have a new one?

Beth said...

We have one that's trying to bloom but I'm mostly excited that we have a new one. There are two others in the little side yard, one is under the magnolia tree and the other is struggling a bit this year. So I was happy we have a new one although it concerns me that it's trying to bloom this late in the year.

Jenny said...

Sunflowers along roadsides, chances to see friends and family at end-of-summer/fall weddings, apples, cider donuts.