Monday, March 17, 2008

belated thank you

Can it really have been THIS long that I haven't checked in?? It is kind of shocking how fast time can fly...Well, thanks so much for the birthday wishes! And congratulations Irene-- I'm so glad to hear that you did such a fantastic job! It was great to read about caving/explorations in GA and TN, and vacation in San Diego...
I had a great birthday-- my uncle treated me to a sushi dinner :) Hmmm, what else have I been up to... I started a meditation class and started getting a little more exercise to battle some anxiety run amok. This weekend I cut ten inches off my hair-- amazing how much easier it is to comb it when it's shorter. I have to give the Entomology Department seminar next month at the museum (but it's advertised museum-wide... ayee!). It feels surreal, because I almost feel like I'm defending again, to a new crowd. I'm presenting my new research, which I'm still DOING, still frantically gathering data at the lab. I'm planning on just quitting data gathering by the end of the month, then analysing the first week of April, then interpreting and creating a powerpoint by the second week of April... blah blah blah. My talk is April 24, so please send me some extra energy that day!
Lucy is still doing great-- she's gained some weight and is still very lovey and cuddley. And, my little redbud tree started putting out tiny buds all over! So cute!


Sparkling Squirrel said...

Great to hear from you Molly and we're glad that you checked in soon enough to check your birthday greetings before they were entirely off the page.
Good luck with the reseach talk.

Irene said...

I'm sure your talk will be great. Give Lucy an extra hug for me!

Beth said...

I'm also sure it will be great not just because you'll be ready for it but also because it's on my birthday! :-)

I just gave a research talk at Beloit College and was all nervous but it went fine. In fact it was fun to talk about my research for once.