Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fitness Challenge in your in-box

The GBK Fitness 2007 sign-up sheet and record sheet were just e-mailed to you (e-mail me if you didn't receive them and want them).

On the sign-up sheet, "overall goal" is for your greater goal outside the GBK FC. You are likely doing this for some reason besides to take more steps. You can be as grand and general as "lead a healthy life" or as specific as "lower blood cholesterol level by 20 points" or "be in shape to run a 10k in December". It's just there to remind you that you aren't doing this just for the sake of doing it (although if you are that's fine too).
Make your goals tough but achievable. You'll probably want your daily goal to be less than your weekly goal divided by 7. Make yourself do something every day, but don't miss your goals because some days are less than others. Combined fitness goals are certainly allowed (I'm going for 77,000 steps/week or 70,000 steps plus lifting or swimming twice). You don't need to share your goals (but you can if it will help). You just need to report if you made them or not.

The "before status" is for anything that you want to track. Your current work-out routine, mile time, weight, blood pressure, whatever.

We officially start Labor Day, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise this week.


Beth said...

Thanks for the sheets. My pedometer lets me download the data which is nice but I like that I can track more than just my steps now too.

Abby said...

I never offically said I was doing this, but I am. My goal, however, is to swim twice (and hopefully three) times a week. And I started last week.

Sally's sister said...

Thanks SS. I'll be driving to Denver on Saturday! Then to Rocky MT. Nat'l Park, then to Santa Fe! I'll look into a pedometer to use when I'm not sitting in the car.