Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dessert Time

Once again I ask students to look at a map of the world's biomes, pick 2, name them, tell me two characteristics of them and name an organism that lives there.
While this batch is not as funny as the frosted biome or the zebras of the tundra, we do have some new biomes this year, in addition to the ever popular desserts:
Forest, Africa, Terrestrial, Tropical, Temperate, North America (located on the tropical rain forest), South Africa, Egypt, Coniferous, Brazil, Temperate Broadleaf and my new favorite: "Freshwater" which is located on the savanna and has the characteristic of, "it has salty water".
Good times.


Cathy said...

So, given the topic of the last these test answers lighten your mood or depress you? :) They seem kinda humorous to me.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

These make me laugh. Shake my head in disgust and wonder where I went wrong, but laugh.
It's my majors' class that frustrates me. We're doing H-W problems and I tried, oh so patiently, to explain that we normally don't know allele frequencies, we know frequencies of phenotype (and thus genotype for homozygous recessive traits). Thus we know q squared, not q. And I wrote on their problems q is not q2 and I told them I wouldn't grade them if the used q for q2. And the first two I look at? q instead of q2.

Jennifer said...

So funny...frustrating, but funny.