Monday, December 6, 2010

That Exam Doesn't Sound So Good

At my current job we have an old scantron machine that makes loud (but rhythmic) clunks with every wrong answer-- something like an old typewriter with a loud background whirr. Failures tick with every wrong answer and perfect scores glide through with only a tap at the end as the score is printed.
Inexplicably, I love listening as other professors grade their exams. "Wow, that one doesn't sound so good."
In other grading news, I learned that the two characteristics of the rainfrost are "rain" and "frosted" perhaps if I hadn't just read about so many "dessert" biomes, the frosted wouldn't have made me giggle as much as it did.
Happy finals to those of you involved in academia and happy "I don't have to deal with finals" to those of you not.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they have sugar plum fairies dancing in their heads. I will be curious to see how many new biomes emerge from my exam on Wednesday :)

salsis said...

I was the science classes scantron grader in college! Even for my own classes (they trusted me too much). But after sending 100s of tests through I didn't care to snoop at other peoples scores. Maybe like the people at the airport who look at the body scans. After seeing the 1000th naked body, the magic wears off.