Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moody Cranky Advice

I've been cranky, moody and wanna-be-uber-weepy this semester. At least once a week I have a day when I really just want to curl up in my office and cry. Not cry about anything, just cry.
Actually, moody isn't the word for it either, since I haven't been in a bad mood and these spells overtake me without much of a change in my mood. I don't know. There have been some blue or down times, so very tired times, some rationally irritated, some irrationally irritated, some worried times (see my blog when I eventually post about ventriculomegaly, which I just looked up again for the spelling and am re-concerned about) but those are mostly just normal emotions. This season I've also had spells of feeling emotionally really bad that felt like a physical symptom, rather than an emotion.
Anyway, this is fairly new territory for me. I think I have a fine grasp on the long-term- this certainly doesn't feel like it is inescapable or permanent. I can definitely envision that my hormones will change and that I will feel better. It's the short term that I'm having trouble with.
I don't want to explode at/cry at/nag my wonderful Mister any more than he actually deserves. I don't want to feel any fatter or lazier from sitting around eating and doing nothing than I already do. I don't want to be any farther behind in work or life projects than I already am AND I REALLY WANT to explode/cry/nag/eat/sit and do nothing.
Any advice for how you deal with ickiness you know will pass in ways that will make your loved ones still want to deal with you after it has passed?


Beth said...

I call others so that I'm not just complaining to Josh. Feel free to call :-)

Jennifer said...

When I saw the title to this post I thought...Hey! I don't offer cranky advice. But then...I guess maybe I do sometimes.

*Hugs* Lisa, I am sorry that you are going through this tough time right now. It sounds a lot like some of what I went through earlier this year, though the reasons may different. You have a lot to worry about, plus the hormonal changes.

And some of these issues I am still dealing with - the feeling that I am tired of being behind in life stuff. The feeling of being overwhelmed by all that I have to do and then being angry with myself for wasting time being overhwhelmed instead of just doing.

I am with Beth - give a call, or shoot a short email if you feel the need for a call.

salsis said...


Irene said...

Well, there's the standard list of mood-regulating things to do: get exercise and sunshine, take omega-3's, spend time with friends, get a back and/or foot rub.

There's also my preferred self-medication... music! I have a Pandora station that consists almost entirely of stuff that is upbeat, humorous, or rebellious, all of which (especially in combination) seem to help chase away icky moods.

Cathy said...

Another vote for friends--I think just sharing with others that you're feeling down can help. Whether or not you know it, you can then be in our thoughts! Oh, and beautiful landscapes. I always try to go somewhere local that inspires me and gives me energy. Hugs to you and take care!

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Not having any local friends is, admittedly, part of the problem, although my lack of effort to make any might be causal or symptomatic.

Anonymous said...

I can definitely sympathize with the sudden episodes of crying - I have them about once a week also. I try to not cry in front of Stelios too much as he feels bad, wants to help, but there really isn't anything he can do about it. Primarily I do think they are because of hormones and being a bit overwhelmed by the huge changes that are coming up for us in the next few months, but I know it is confounded with me trying to finish this darn phd! I think it is taking about twice as long because I'm not on campus and I typically have a feeling of not being very useful (intellectually).

What I typically try to do to feel better is at least take a walk and get outside, or I do some gardening. Being outside just really helps me. Then I try to be my regularly, sometimes irrationally, optimistic self: Things will be okay, they will work themselves out.

So, SS, things will be okay: try not to worry too much about things you cannot control and try to take charge of things that you can (even if they are little things). Thoughts are with you :)

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Thanks everyone.

Cheryl, you are still your kick-ass intellectual and positive self-- even if you have a darned dissertation to write and wacky hormones-- and you will feel like it again (consistently!) in the future.