Friday, October 1, 2010


A four day weekend to visit Beth in Chicago in the middle of the semester seemed like a good idea back in August. Now that I am here it still seems like a good idea :), though it is a bit stressful with school work.

Anyway - will post pictures, if Beth can find the camera.



Sparkling Squirrel said...

I'm jealous. Happy hanging out and celebrating Beth having turned stuff in. Looking forward to the pictures.

Jennifer said...

Well Beth has not been able to find the camera, so no pictures.

However - Friday was fun - lunched with Brittan and Beth in the Walnut Room of the Macy's that used to be Marshal Fields. We had cocktails and felt all fancy and shi-shi (sp?) even if we were underdressed. Then after somehow losing Beth at the Clinque counter, I would have preferred to spend the time looking at shoes ;), we headed out for a cool Chicago yarn shop called Loop. I may or may not have been a bad influence on the yarn purchases of others.

Oh I do have a couple of pictures, but they are stuck on my cell phone that has a dead battery cause I don't have my phone charger.

Then we headed back to Beth and Josh's very nice new house for late afternoon knitting until Josh got home and we had a lovely pot roast dinner.

Friday - Brittan had to, sadly, return home. Then Beth, Josh, and I hung out most of the day at their place. Did some grading, created my character for Role=playing game the next day, had dinner just a quiet relaxing rainy Saturday.

Then Beth and I headed to the James concert, which was AMAZING!
Such a good experience and I am so glad I came, even though the long weekend in the middle of the semester has been stressing me out.

Anyway - wish you all could have been here. And I will post more later.

salsis said...

Glad you went on the trip! I just bought tickets to Germany at the end of the month to see my best friend whom I haven't seen in 2 years. Figures the next day they released the travel advisory about Europe. There's a report due before I leave, so I'm diligently working on it to give it to my boss early! (though he probably won't look at it til the day it's due).

Beth said...

Just found the camera over the weekend. It had migrated to the basement. Sigh.