Saturday, June 20, 2009

canoeing on a closed river

Oops, for work we canoed a river we later found out was closed for high water. The upstream site we canoed the next day was open, but on the verge of being unsafe to sample when you have to suddenly pull to the bank to evaluate habitat and collect samples. Two people went overboard at 2 different times and in different canoes, resulting in a loss of 3/4 of our datasheets, a clipboard, and GPS. The fun canoeing quickly turned into not fun and shook us all up. But we did complete the site! The motorized boat took someone back to all the transects to redo the data. I'm not going to mention the river in case someone like a park ranger comes across this! I'll post photos when I get them uploaded. We did enjoy a cave tour the 1st day when it was pouring rain, and staying in cabins for 2 nights and grilling out.

Update: I posted more photos on facebook. See Jenny's blog about canoeing high waters:


Jenny said...

Hi! I've also been canoeing on a closed river by accident, and it shook me up a bit too. I'm very impressed that you collected data under those conditions!
I'd like to hear more about the cave tour, if you get the chance to post more.

Jenny said...

The special rain cover over the ranger's hat made me giggle.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

The hat cover is pretty cool (or silly, depending on how you preceive things).