Sunday, February 8, 2009

Maternity Leave Policies?

Could you look up the maternity leave policies of your institutions? I'm particularly interested in Beth's and Jennifer's as they also have faculty with large teaching loads (other places will give a semester off [or at least off from teaching] with pay, but the comment was paid that would only cost $3,000 for the price of an adjunct. Not really true in my situation), but I'm curious in general.
My institution doesn't have one! And when I went to talk to the provost about it last week, she was asking me about the provision about the Family Medical Leave Act. I'm certain I will be treated fairly and with we do actually have some flexibility because of no set policies, but still it doesn't seem quite right.


Beth said...

So, we don't have a set policy yet either but that's in the works for our revised tenure policy. FMLA lets you take 13 weeks (8 with pay) so it's often worked out with someone else to teach for you while you do other responsibilies for the department. We cab also "over-teach" other semesters to get credit for a different semester.

Also check out this blog which I've been reading: It has lots of interesting info - I was asked to get some info as the secretary of our faculty. It's a good resource.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Thanks Beth.

The federal FMLA (which WV doesn't have anything better on) is 12 weeks unpaid. Since I was scheduled to teach at least three different 4 hour lab classes (and probably a 4th), as are the other two bio profs, there is no option of asking them to cover my classes (and I'm already teaching an overload this semester and certainly am not going to volunteer to teach more than 4 classes with a 6 month old), and we are pretty much without the option of adjuncts here, we're going to have to try and hire someone for the semester, which will be tough.