Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So that's why I feel so blehh

So I've been feeling blehh the last few days. There are some normal reasons for this (behind at work, not enough sleep, paperwork annoyances, spring allergies, very strangely hurt left calf [I think I pulled it. While walking. Twice in two weeks.] . . . ) but this seemed disproportionately bleeh. Wanting to ball up a cry blehhh.
Blehhh so that I seriously started wondering about how possible it would be I am pregnant or if I really needed to seek some medication even though I thought the post-partum stuff (which lasted over 5 months) was gone.
Just now I learned of another explanation.
Same explanation as here . (the time I had PMS-like-symptoms that I thought were weaning and I pointed out that there are other things that cause PMS-like-symptoms and you thought I was pregnant or had cancer).
I'm actually somewhat delighted-- while I never used to have PMS (or MS) that made me ball up and cry-- it means that there is a simple logical explanation and that it will pass. It also totally freaked me out because I have had maybe 4 periods since October 2008 and I'm totally unprepared. There are no pads in my office and I sat here staring at a tampon, "I think I can use that thing."
Anyway, hope you all are well.


Beth said...

I'm currently terrified that mid-teaching I'm going to have AF arrive. Now this should be too early since she's not yet 5 months but I keep getting worried.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Alas, five months isn't outside the realm of possibility. This was 7 months (and his third tooth). Dianthus was 8 or 9 months. Good luck with it.