Friday, July 15, 2011

Endings and Feeling Old

I really don't think of myself as a particularly sentimental person, but somehow I find myself teary and nostalgic about lots of different things.
This week, the end of the space shuttle program and the last Harry Potter movie both have me weepy (not to mention things associated with the Women's World Cup).
Anybody else get choked up over the "ending of an era"?
As far as feeling old, when Kate and William married back in April, I was going to write about things one drags oneself out of bed to witness-- I remember the excitement of watching Charles and Dianna's wedding fresh (although I probably did not stay up for it) and that same year I was up at 3 am several times to view the first shuttle launch on television. First shuttle launch and royal wedding were a big part of my third grade year. In April I was going to ask how many of the rest of you were up for either when it struck me that we're not actually all the same age. Somehow Jenny and Irene watching shuttle launches at Dianthus's age probably didn't make the same impression.


salsis said...

Wow, that was 3rd grade? I still have a sheet of stickers from the 1st launch. I don't remember getting up to watch it or the wedding, yet still have memories of the wedding, though it's not something I think I would have cared about. I didn't watch the recent one except for what was on tv for 15min. while I got ready for work. I saw one of the launches from the beach, 7th grade I think. I remember what I was doing during the 2 explosions. I'm not as sad that it's over as I thought I'd be, because they'll come up with something new, and other countries are still sending people up. Hey - what do other countries use to get people into space? Funny - I have no idea.

Another moving on event occurred this weekend. A housemate moved in, so I got rid of a bed and loveseat my fiance handed down to me when I moved to Lawrence. It wasn't a big deal, more of a relief to have a good reason to let go.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Yes, third grade (for us), age 1 1/2 for Irene and Jenny. Shuttle launch was April 12 1981 (I was on spring break, but had awakened in the middle of the night to watch several previous scrubbed attempts), wedding was July 29.
Glad you found a new home for your love seat.

Cathy said...

My 20-yr high school reunion was last weekend. Just plain weird.

Sparkling Squirrel said...

Cathy-- did you attend the reunion? How was it other than weird?